Summer School Programs to Address Learning Loss

Looking for a program to address learning loss this summer? 
Take a look at these programs and resources to keep young minds and muscles enriched.  

B3: Brain, Body Behavior

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STEM Sports®


Come Out and Play


B3: Brain, Body, Behavior

B3: Brain, Body, Behavior is a multi-media curriculum that helps students develop their fundamental motor skills.

By incorporating B3 activities into K-6 school settings, educators can help students develop the fundamental motor skills to spark their brains, build their bodies, and improve their behavior to increase academic performance.

Based on brain-body research, B3 physical activities can help enhance:

The B3 program activities are designed to be easily implemented in a variety of settings. Follow along with animated cards and program videos or use the instructor guide to include physical activity in your everyday lessons. 


Interested in B3 activities? Get 4 free sample activities today!

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STEM Sports® 

Combine physical education with STEM and what do you get? STEM Sports®—a new line of educational programs for K-8. Get students actively involved with hands-on lessons to foster collaboration and develop problem-solving skills.

You can help students develop critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving skills that can be applied throughout their lives, including in a STEM-related career. Every module comes with a list of jobs related to the lessons.

Larry C. Kennedy's After-School Program has integrated STEM Sports® programs and teachers are seeing amazing results: Watch 2-minute video.

Browse the STEM Sports® programs by a specific age or sport:

Multi-Sport Grades 3-8
Multi-Sport Grades K-2
STEM Soccer
"My students had the opportunity to participate in the Soccer STEM program. I have spent two years with most of these students and this experience was the first time I have seen them truly invested and engaged in the learning process. My classroom became student centered, where they were controlling the discussions and inquiry that followed the modules, not me."
-- Haley Mercy, Mesquite Junior High School
STEM Football
STEM Volleyball
STEM Basketball

Come Out and Play!

How can you encourage your community to be physically active? Create a culture of play using the great outdoors with the Come Out and Play (COAP) program, developed by the Michigan Recreation & Park Association. 

Who can use Come Out and Play? The program is designed for schools, community centers, parks and recreation agencies, and youth groups.  

Highlights of the program include:

  • Encourages students to get 60 minutes of aerobic activity every day (9,000 steps)
  • Daily goal setting
  • Youth empowerment activities
  • Community engagement
Outdoor Fitness
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Outdoor Swimming
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Learning Loss Resources 

We've been hearing a lot more about learning loss since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are resources to help you learn about the difference between summer learning loss, COVID-19 learning loss, and what we can do to overcome these hurdles. Help youth in your community learn how to lead healthy lives. 


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Download B3: Brain, Body, Behavior Sample Activity

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