This is a dark blue header with a medium blue blob on the left side of the graphic. Centered on the header is a light blue circle. Inside of the circle is an illustration of young people talking to each other. The young people are wearing blue and white. One young person is using a wheelchair, the other three youth are standing. To the left of the illustration it reads, "3 in 30 THREE TIPS IN 30 MINUTES". To the right of the blob are Youth to Youth and ETR's logos. Below the logos it reads, "Youth-Led Substance Use Prevention”.

Youth-Led Substance Use Prevention

The next event in ETR’s 3 in 30 Series is here! Get 3 actionable tips in a 30-minute chat with guest experts.

This is an image of two graphics vertically placed. The graphic on top is Youth to Youth’s logo. The second graphic is placed below the logo. It is a dark blue blob, and in the center is an illustration of two people working together at a desk. They have a computer, books, papers, and a pair of glasses in front of them. The people are looking down at their materials and pointing at them. The illustration is done in shades of blue.

Now Available Free and On-Demand 

Looking to better center the needs of adolescents in your substance use prevention efforts?  

Join ETR for a *free* webinar co-hosted by young people from Youth to Youth! In this 30-minute conversation, youth guest experts share 3 concrete tips to support your work. 

Youth to Youth is a community-based drug prevention and youth leadership program focusing primarily on middle school and high school students. Their goal is to harness the powerful influence of peer pressure—making it a positive force that encourages young people to live free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 

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