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Whether you work in a school, clinic, or community-based organization, you can start creating an affirming and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ young people by displaying visuals that affirm their identities and experiences.

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Contraception Poster Preview

"Contraception Knows No Gender"  Poster

Perfect for school-based health centers and community clinics, this poster reinforces that everybody and every body deserves access to contraception options that work for them, regardless of their gender identity and expression.

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"Creating Safer Spaces"  Poster  

Because LGBTQ+ young people often experience stigma and discrimination when accessing education and health services, displaying your commitment to their rights and safety with this poster can have a powerful impact.

Pronouns Poster Preview

"What's Your Pronoun?"  Poster 

Affirm and normalize using gender pronouns in your classroom or program office! This poster reminds everyone that there are many ways someone may identify and it's always best to ask what pronouns someone uses.

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