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Building and Sustaining Syringe Services Programs

The next event in ETR’s 3 in 30 Series is here! Get 3 actionable tips in a 30-minute chat with guest experts.

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Register now for a free 3 in 30 Webinar on June 12, 2024, at 12:30 pm PT/ 3:30 pm ET. 

Join us on June 12 at 12:30 pm PT/ 3:30 pm ET to learn three actionable tips in 30 minutes on Building and Sustaining Syringe Services Programs (SSPs).

SSPs help protect the health of people who use drugs by providing them with services that lessen the negative consequences associated with drug use and help prevent HIV. Interested in starting an SSP or learning more about them? Join this webinar to discover what you may consider when starting an SSP and where to learn more in-depth strategies to grow and sustain your SSP work.

In this conversation, ETR will be joined by two guest experts; Tasha Turner-Bicknell, Associate Professor and Director of Advanced Public Health Nursing DNP and Certificate Programs at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, and Melissa Hernandez, Executive Director of the PR Project.

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