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Body Image Basics:

A Mini-Health Lesson on Body Image

Body image is the view you have of your body—size, weight, shape, looks—and your feelings about it.

We develop feelings about our body at a young age—and this can often start to change during puberty and adolescence. Understanding the different influences on our body image can help young people strengthen the positive ones and resist the negative ones.

Want to help teens develop a positive body image? Here’s where ETR can help! Download this free video to share with youth in your school, health center, or community organization.

Consider sharing it with families and young people in the following ways:

  • Include in your school, clinic, or agency newsletter
  • Watch together during a classroom lesson
  • Send to patients through your health center’s patient portal
  • Share on your organization’s social media
  • Embed the video on your website

Access Our Free “Body Image Basics” Video Lesson

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