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Fostering Youth-Adult Partnerships

The next event in ETR’s 3 in 30 Series is here! Get 3 actionable tips in a 30-minute chat with guest experts.

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How do we center the voices and lived experiences of young people? What do we mean when we talk about youth-adult partnerships? And how can you create authentic youth-adult partnerships in your own work? 

ETR’s Youth Engagement Network (YEN) aims to strengthen youth engagement in sexual and reproductive health programs and services to promote optimal health, particularly among young people who experience systemic marginalization or discrimination.  

Join YEN team members Azzia Roberts and Kristin Kennedy to explore how to foster youth-adult relationships in the clinic, classroom, and beyond.

Learn 3 actionable tips in 30 minutes to use in your role as an educator, public health professional, or clinical staff member. 

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