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3 in 30: Talking Porn Literacy in Sex Ed

Helping Educators Answer Young Peoples' Questions

The next event in ETR’s 3 in 30 Series is here! Get 3 actionable tips in a 30-minute chat with guest experts.

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Educators across the country often report that students in their health education classes are asking questions about pornography. Students are confused about what they are seeing online or feel ashamed for having seen it in the first place, which leaves educators asking themselves: "How do I answer young peoples' questions about pornography in class?" We're here to help you navigate this challenging question.

Access this free on-demand webinar as Jess Melendez (Adolescent Programs Health Educator, San Ysidro Health Teen Clinic) and Sarah Diamond (Associate Director of Prevention and Education, University of San Diego) join our Kirby Summit team to discuss how to address pornography in middle and high school health education classes while creating a shame-free & sex positive environment.

Learn 3 actionable tips in 30 minutes to use in your role as an educator, public health professional, or clinical staff member. 

Register below to receive on-demand access to this 3 in 30 which includes a recording of the conversation and follow-up resources. This event also includes findings from our 2021 Kirby Summit research which explores the relationship between porn and young people's sexual health outcomes.

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